My Current Go To's For October 2021

My Current Go To's For October 2021

As I start this amazing month of October, I want to share with you books that I am currently reading, music playlists, office products, planner accessories, and much more. Basically, if it brings value to my life I'm going to share it with you too. I hope you enjoy! 


  • The High 5 Habit - Mel Robins - This book is currently in queue to read. I've read several other of Mel Robbins books and they are always a great addition to anyones bookshelf.  
  • Sparked - Johnathan Fields - This book is currently in queue to read as well. There is a supplemental workbook to work through. There is also a quiz online to help you discover with what kind of work brings you alive. Take the Quiz



  • Pentel Juice it Up .40 Ink Pens If you like fine tip pens, you'll love this one, It write smooth for being a fine tip and they come in so many colors including gold, silver, orange, green. 

If you know me personally then you know my work environment is very important. This girl is sensitive about her surroundings.



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